ALPI@Boutique Design West

ALPI@Boutique Design West /

13 –14 March 2019
Booth 229
Los Angeles Convention Center

The story of the expressive languages of the ALPI wood collections continues, presenting the latest novelties at the Boutique Design West in Los Angeles, the main fair and conference for professionals working in the hospitality and design industry in the western United States, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. A path traced by the skilful passion and the continuous aesthetic research on wood materials, which results into infinite design potential.

The new ALPI collections represent an in-depth exploration of the material to narrate the beauty of wood and its design potential, a unique resource capable of reinventing and create heterogeneous languages. On the one hand, continuous aesthetic research on the production of the colors and grain of natural woods, expressed in the proposals of the Wood Collection; on the other, the reformulation of the intrinsic characteristics of the material to create visual solutions of great originality, in the Designer Collection.