The ALPI-On collection of finished panels continues the company’s path of in-depth innovation, with the aim of constantly offering the market novel design ideas and stimuli: a new functional, versatile proposal that updates the vast range of products, combining the culture of design with ALPI's culture of materials.

The collection includes 12 panels in wood types selected from the ALPI range, suggesting a precise aesthetic vision based on the striking grain and colors of natural wood, to fully exploit the true essence of the material.
The panels are finished with ALPI wood on both sides, and stand out for their varnished surfaces, brushed or smooth with a natural effect, and the possibility of matching edge banding in the same type of wood.
Ideal for vertical interior facings and furnishings, the ALPI-On panels provide an innovative tool for the world of architecture and the contract sector, responding to the values and needs of companies and designers.

Support in MDF light (600 kg/m3), CARB2 certified.
Measurements: 3040x1240x19mm, 2500x1240x19mm
Panels are double sided
The ALPI-On collection is composed of 12 wood types with varnished, light brushed or smooth surface, depending on the wood type
The low-opacity varnish conserves the natural appearance of the wood and enhances its aesthetic characteristics while safeguarding the softness of the surfaces
A line of edge banding is available, in varnished wood, with a thickness of 0.55mm
both sides are supplied with a transparent protective film for easy working of the panel, shielding the surface until the final installation
The panels are divided by a separator sheet to facilitate handling.
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ALPIkord /

ALPI wood now takes the form of ALPIkord, a decorative wooden surface that combines the practical advantages of prefinished wood with the company’s outstanding levels of quality, uniqueness and customization. The ALPIkord collection offers 33 patterns that represent a range of the types of wood found in nature, together with the Designer collections Xilo 2.0 and Velò by Piero Lissoni, and a dynamic, graphic invention by Ettore Sottsass.
Every pattern is finished to bring out the natural beauty and color of each type of wood, with the possibility of adding edge banding in the same selected material, generating solutions that stand out for the precise ALPI stylistic signature: in-depth research on the material and continuous innovation focused on the product, to enhance the image and design versatility of wood. ALPIKord represents a further expression of the company’s industrial culture, through a unique product ready for application to any type of surface, permitting reduction of the time required for crafting, finishing and installation.


The ALPIKord collection is composed of 33 wood patterns selected from the ALPI range, supplied in the finish that best replicates and enhances the true essence of the material. The new Touch finish preserves the natural image of the wood, with surface treatment that provides a soft, pleasing tactile sensation. The panels come with a transparent protective film to facilitate working and handling, shielding the surface until the final installation. Edge banding A line of edge banding is available, in varnished wood on ABS support, with a thickness of 1.0 mm

TOUCH: preserves the natural appearance of the wood while providing a pleasantly tactile sensation.
GROOVE: emphasizes texture and materic quality, offering a natural tactile effect similar to that of unfinished wood.
WAX: a matt coating that gives the wood the delicate look typical of treatments applied with natural waxes and oils.
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ALPIrobur /

ALPIrobur is a high-strength version of the prefinished panel on which a particular treatment is applied to respond to the demand for products with a very robust surface. By request, it is also available in a flameproof version, in compliance with IMOMED, CLASSE 1 and CLASSE B-s1.d0.

BRUSHED: a three-dimensional, vividly materic brushed effect.
SOFT: a natural effect in terms of touch and image.
MATT: an almost imperceptible matt finish.
PORE: the open-pore finish.

ALPItav /

ALPItav is the solid version available upon request for all ALPI woods.

ALPIdecos /

ALPIdecos-ABS, edge banding in wood bonded to an ABS support, coordinated with the decorative color. Supplied in finished or painted versions, coordinated with the colors and finishes of ALPIkord.

ALPIdecos-FBK, a wooden edge banding supported by non-woven fabric, suitable for softforming and for the covering of curved surfaces. Coordinated with the products of the ALPIlignum family, it comes in raw and prevarnished finishes.

ALPIdecos-STR, edge banding made with multiple layers of wood. Ideal for those who require a product of greater thickness, combined with the ALPIlignum surfaces. Available in raw or prevarnished finishes.

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