La Tavola degli Elementi
Piero Lissoni x ALPI

Five pieces of furniture designed by Piero Lissoni especially for ALPI will be shown at the exhibition "La Tavola degli Elementi" organised by ALPI and hosted at its, on display from 30 October 2019. The exhibit aims to show the beauty and versatile potential of the ALPI wood veneers as seen through the eyes of architect Lissoni. 
The exhibition is the result of close collaboration between Vittorio Alpi and Piero Lissoni, the company's art director. The furniture takes inspiration from the periodic table of elements as conceived by Dmitri Mendeleev, whose brilliant discovery was the reciprocal relationship between all chemical elements. The collection of objects is all veneered with ALPI wood. Xeno, Palladio, Idrogeno, Cripto and Zirconio are five volumes with different sizes and shapes that seem to be ordered according to a compositional formula of elemental chemical modules. By means of his craft as an architect, Lissoni is able to exalt the marvellous absoluteness of the periodic table of the elements, revealing the cosmic fairy tale it inspires in him.

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