The finest results of R&D activities and the perfect combination of technological innovation and fine craftsmanship, ALPIlignum veneer is the core and symbol of the ALPI universe.
ALPILignum is made with real wood, offering a non-printed material that can be custom designed. ALPI wood is broken down and reassembled in an infinite range of wood types, finishes and patterns, thanks to a fascinating and intensive production process where pure innovation blends with painstaking workmanship.
Peeling, dyeing, composition, gluing, pressing, squaring, cutting and testing form the production sequence of ALPILignum, through which the company creates its woods, offering different and novel materic effects inspired by the world of nature and that of design par excellence. A precise design approach that hones every phase to transform the material, surpassing conventional parameters of development to achieve true Wood by Design.
Thanks to its in-depth research and industrial culture, ALPI is therefore able to offer bespoke wood at the service of design, enhancing the intrinsic characteristics to respond to all project needs, providing custom solutions and unlimited aesthetic variety.
ALPI veneer also comes in the ALPIform version combining the aesthetic characteristics of wood with a high level of flexibility made possible by the special support sheet, generating a product that is particularly suitable for softforming. ALPIform permits very narrow curvature radii while reducing scrap, and it is easy to paint or varnish. These characteristics make it ideal for the cladding of curved surfaces or the creation of edgebanding.

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01 ⁄

The trunk is peeled.
Thin sheets of wood, all the same size.


02 ⁄

The wood sheets are dyed.
Final colour of wood is define.


03 ⁄

The wood sheets are pasted together to create the ALPI trunk.
The trunk is shaped in curved molds to determine the wood grain.


04 ⁄

The original trunk is disassembled and reassembled in order to define the final wood vein and colors according to the designer needs.


05 ⁄

The new ALPIlignum trunk is cut into decorative wood sheets.
Uniform sheets for colour, vein and dimension.



ALPI wood now takes the form of ALPIkord, a decorative wooden surface that combines the practical advantages of prefinished wood with the company’s outstanding levels of quality, uniqueness and customization. The ALPI veneer is supported and finished superficially to enhance the texture of the material. The result is a large wooden panel ready for application to any surface, to reduce the time needed for working, varnishing and installation. Every pattern is finished to bring out the natural beauty and color of each type of wood, with the possibility of adding edge banding in the same selected material, generating solutions that stand out for the precise ALPI stylistic signature: in-depth research on the material and continuous innovation focused on the product, to develop the image and design versatility of wood.

TOUCH: preserves the natural appearance of the wood while providing a pleasantly tactile sensation.
GROOVE: emphasizes texture and materic quality, offering a natural tactile effect similar to that of unfinished wood.
WAX: a matt coating that gives the wood the delicate look typical of treatments applied with natural waxes and oils.

High-strength version of ALPIkord. By request, it is also available in a flameproof version, in compliance with IMOMED, CLASSE 1 and CLASSE B-s1.d0.

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01 ⁄

1. Varnish finish
2. ALPIlignum wood veneer
3. Phenolic Backing


02 ⁄

A. 3050x1300 mm 
B. 2500x1250 mm 


03 ⁄
Edge banding

A line of wood veneer
edge bandings is available.



ALPItav composite wood
The solid version available by request for all ALPI woods

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> 3,5 mm


To complete the range of all the decorative of ALPI’s surfaces, the ALPIdecos edgeband are the ideal solution for consumers requiring a full range of high-quality products to obtain a maximum focus on their production details.

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