ALPI @ D-Code Mumbai 2020

6 — 8 MARCH 2020

The aesthetic research of ALPI continues at the D-Code fair in Mumbai, slated for 6 to 8 March 2020. D-Code is the first and only Indian event on the world of luxury living, bringing together architects, designers and companies from all over the world. ALPI takes part in collaboration with the distributor Deluxe Veneers, presenting a wide range of offerings of types of wood, textures and chromatic options designed to respond to all creative needs.
In particular, ALPI will be exhibiting the collections of wood surfaces created in 2019 in collaboration with Piero Lissoni and Martino Gamper: textures that reveal the design potential of a living material such as wood. Both the Designer Collections 2019 explore the natural environment, but from two different vantage points. The ALPI Xilo 2.0 Cherry collection by Lissoni, art director of the company, is the result of investigation of the possible expressions of natural cherry wood, reinterpreted and enhanced in three vividly contemporary shades. Martino Gamper, on the other hand, has set out to create a new type of wood that does not exist in nature, ALPI Gamperana Triplex, a geometric texture that brilliantly combines tradition and technological innovation, putting the accent on the special ALPI production process.


ALPI @ D-Code Mumbai 2020


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