Archiproducts Design Award 2016

October 19th 2016

ALPI wins with the Designer Collection Tarsie by Piero Lissoni the Archiproducts Design Award Best of 2016 - Finishes category, the award promoted by the prominent source for architecture & design. An important achievement rewarding the brand’s effort which from last year with the appointment of Piero Lissoni as art director, settled a new corporate strategy, aimed at a new greater focus on the world of design. The prize, at its first edition, as affirmed by Enzo Maiorano, Archiproducts’s co-founder, “was created to attentively observ what happens when, from the idea of a person or group of people who dream of creating something which never before existed, through a vortex of designs, meetings, trials, prototypes, research on materials and shapes, calculations, comes an object which, in one way or another, will change the lives of people. It's the magic of a project, of the meetings of dreamers and builders, of the stories of men and women, who with incredible tenacity, are able to create new objects and share them with millions and billions of people through material and work. And the challenge lies in creating shapes and functions that will truly improve the lives of the people who use them, in terms of beauty, harmony, functionality, innovation, and technology”. A common approach to innovation shared with ALPI, first company in the world to industrialize the production process of decorative wood composite surfaces, where a fine craftsmanship blends with advanced industrial processes. Customization is its strategic driver: a true forte of ALPI, which stands out on the worldwide market as a reliable, punctual supplier, is the ability to offer – besides the products in a vast and constantly growing catalogue – custom creations at the service of the world of design, with the virtues of an industrial product but also a tailor-made character, thanks to in-depth knowledge of the material and manufacturing expertise developed over a century of activity.


Archiproducts Design Award 2016


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