New Alpi Collections by Raw Edges + Piero Lissoni

From 12 to 23 April 2021
“Waves and colors”

During Milano Design City, ALPI presents the new collections for 2021, moving forward with its research on the multiple expressive languages of wood. Thanks to the company’s in-depth knowledge and a unique encounter between technological expertise and the culture of craftsmanship, the natural material becomes a proving ground of ongoing experimentation with forms, structures and aesthetics.
The new decorative surfaces developed in collaboration with Raw Edges and Piero Lissoni reinterpret the substance of wood in terms of colors and graphic effects, embodying the infinite decorative possibilities of a timeless element.
Two designers whose passion for wood enables them to bring out the material potential and to apply their experience in new pathways of experimentation giving rise to unprecedented creative interpretations.
ALPI and Piero Lissoni have decided to produce the new collections in poplar wood from Italian arboriculture sites, and hence with totally sustainable raw materials. Ecological renewable raw material par excellence, poplar wood stands out for its environmental qualities, including a remarkable ability to absorb the CO2 present in the atmosphere, typical of fast-growth species, and to cleanse the water absorbed from the ground, restoring it in pure form to the environment, through transpiration. Poplar is one of the very few woods, if not unique, inserted in an integrated agro-industrial system: the product, process and system aspects are integrated with the social, technological and economic system. ALPI is part of this important agro-industrial chain and its proximity to the poplar plantation also guarantees supply at very short distances. The certification issued by SGS guarantees the agricultural and Italian origin of the material. Furthermore, the FSC® certification (FSC®-C004666) assigned to the company ensures the correct, responsible sourcing of the wood in keeping with the strictest environmental, social and economic standards..

Discover the new collections at the ALPI Showroom
Via Solferino 7, Milan
Monday-Friday, 10:00-18:00

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New Alpi Collections by Raw Edges + Piero Lissoni
New Alpi Collections by Raw Edges + Piero Lissoni


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