• ALPI Honduras 10.45
    • Curated by: Piero Lissoni
    • Texture: Quartered
    • Dimensions: 3150x620mm

Piero Lissoni reinterprets the elegance of mahogany in the ALPI Honduras wood, a surface that speaks a contemporary language to offer new expressive possibilities. One of the most coveted wood varieties across the centuries due to its exceptional properties, Honduras mahogany grows only in the forests of Central America. Extensive exploitation on the part of industry has seriously diminished its supply, therefore limiting its use. ALPI Honduras achieves the objective of reproducing an ecological wood, equal in its virtues to the mahogany that can no longer be supplied by nature. Piero Lissoni captures its natural beauty, bringing out the chromatic properties and the original grain. The result is an intense texture of brown tones that adds character and refinement to spaces. ALPI thus expands the field of application of mahogany to all types of interior design, making it possible to apply this wood on any surface or volume.

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  • Available in
    • ALPIlignum 10.45

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