Wavy Fir by Raw Edges

The ALPI Wavy Fir collection thus stems from the reinterpretation of the raw material, with the aim of expressing the sensation of natural wood through graphic motifs.
Fascinated by ALPI’s unique ability to work with wood, creating surfaces that bring out its nature, but with the use of technological processes, the designers have drawn inspiration from the typical striped grain of fir and pine, deciding to shape it in soft curves, creating a surprising graphic effect.

The Wavy Fir wood plays with the “zoom in/zoom out” dialectic, giving rise to different perceptions: while upon closer examination the wood has a natural look, in an overall view it is possible to perceive the wavy movement of the grain, developed in an unexpected way, adding a sense of dynamism on the surface while bringing out the expressive power of the details.

A collection available in two color variants, reflecting the deep passion of Raw Edges for wood and its multiple potentialities, always central factors in their research, and an ongoing field of experimentation. The new collection is produced in poplar wood from Italian arboriculture sites, and hence with totally sustainable raw materials.

Ecological renewable raw material par excellence, poplar wood stands out for its environmental qualities, including a remarkable ability to absorb the CO2 present in the atmosphere, typical of fast-growth species, and to cleanse the water absorbed from the ground, restoring it in pure form to the environment, through transpiration. The certification issued by SGS guarantees the agricultural and Italian origin of the material. Furthermore, the FSC® certification (FSC-C004666) assigned to the company ensures the correct, responsible sourcing of the wood in keeping with the strictest environmental, social and economic standards.


Wavy Fir by Raw Edges
Wavy Fir by Raw Edges
Wavy Fir by Raw Edges


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