From 18 to 21 October 2022, will exhibit at the Sicam, an international trade show for manufacturers of components, semifinished products and accessories for the furniture industry. Held in Pordenone, the fair will be an occasion to see the recent collections of ALPI wood veneer and the new product ALPIready.
New surfaces developed in 2022 include the Legacy Collection curated by Piero Lissoni, a range of veneers inspired by lost species such as ebony, Honduran mahogany, teak and rosewood – all woods that are not easily sourced, or even illegal to use. With this unique and sustainable collection, ALPI makes available ecological veneers that are replicas of their unattainable natural counterparts, offering these surfaces to contemporary interpretation.
Also on display will be ALPI Sottsass Dark Brown, a new shade added to the long-standing ALPI Sottsass collection. The new colour variant is a deep, intense brown. The ALPI research and development department constructed this rich new colour based on the designer's notes that are preserved in the company archive. In addition to the new collections, the most recent endeavour by the ALPI research and development department will be shown at the Sicam: ALPIready, a decorative surface in prefinished wood, ready for use. This is an all-wood panel made of two united layers of ALPIlignum veneer, no plastic substrate involved. The product has a varnished front and is ready for application on all kinds of surfaces. ALPIready is distinct for its toughness, flexibility and ease of use. It is a sustainable product and represents yet another expression of the company's industrial ethos.

October 18-21
Hall 2 - Booth A38
Pordenone Fiere
Viale Treviso, 1, 33170




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