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Alpi wood veneer was chosen to embellish the interior of the new Off-White flagship store in Paris. Off-White is a luxury streetwear brand founded in 2013 by the American fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Located in a 19th-century corner building in the heart of one of the city's most exclusive quartiers, two blocks from Place Vendôme, the store's concept is by OMA, a Dutch architecture office of renown.
The design's interior explores a new way for architecture to create interaction between fashion and the public. Being a blend of past and future, the interior alternates contemporary decoration with historical quotes. By reinterpreting iconic architectural elements such as the classic Parisian court, it incorporates the city inside the store.
Extending over three floors, Off-White is a succession of changing settings dedicated to the brand's various collections. Each environment communicates a different message by means of contrasting materials and references. On the top floor, the presentation culminates in the convergence of the store's aesthetic repertoire, showing how all can cohabit in perfect harmony.
Here, an entire wall is cladded with the Sottsass Red veneer produced by Alpi. Designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1985, the wood features accented veining and bright colours with an unusual emphasis.
The pattern pops to the fore amid the more neutral finishes of the rest of the surroundings. The Alpi wall is an important scenic backdrop to a space that will be used for retail, concerts and parties. Alpi completes the interior with furniture covered in Sottsass Orange veneer.
The new store shows the versatile expressiveness of Alpi wood, whose wide range of finishes stands high in the favour of pioneering companies and discerning interior decorators.

Off-White, inaugurated 5 July 2021
8 Rue de Castiglione
Paris, first arrondissement
Designed by OMA, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam


Off-White Flagship store Paris | AMO (OMA)
Off-White Flagship store Paris | AMO (OMA)
Off-White Flagship store Paris | AMO (OMA)
Off-White Flagship store Paris | AMO (OMA)

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